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Why Asbestos is So Dangerous

When it comes to your safety, it’s important that the structure of where you live or work is properly monitored. In a place of heavy construction or in maintenance, Asbestos removal is very important especially in area like Denver. What was once used as a substance for manufacturing, now plagues us in our bodies. Here are some reasons why Asbestos harms the body.

Asbestos is a really dangerous substance because it’s easily inhaled in the bloodstream. There are different types of asbestos that cause diseases or ailments. Chrysotile asbestos create tumors in animals and even mesothelioma in humans. This is especially the case for family members who have a history in working as a miner. It’s even worse for smokers with increased exposure to asbestos because lung cancer can work faster from the mix of carbon monoxide and asbestos. This is something to note dealing with this high level exposure on a regular basis.

At the start, asbestosis takes effect with symptoms such as increased fatigue, coughing, wheezing, chest pain, and fibrosis of the lungs. If you experience of these symptoms, let your doctor know immediately along with your history of asbestos exposure. You may even have difficulty breathing or swallowing, which puts a severe hold on your health. On the surface, you may experience callus like warts from your asbestos exposure.

What happens is the asbestos absorbs to your lung lining wall and disrupts your cell activity. This is one of the reasons why it’s build up like a cancer killing healthy cells around your lungs. Firemen are major targets because of buildings that catch fire with a history of asbestos makes it easier to inhale the fibers into the blood. Also, the carbon monoxide from fires does even more harm to the lungs.

For kids, it may be wise to stay away from drinking fountains because asbestos can contaminate the water quite easily especially in schools that need refurbishing. Sometimes, the exposure is very small and most of it is naturally released from urine or a bowel movement. However, prolonged ingestion of contaminated water may prove detrimental to your child’s health. Make sure your children wash their hands and face regularly from exposure to asbestos in the dirt.

If you are in an environment exposed to asbestos, please take precautions. While symptoms may not show for years, it’s important to stay away from areas where you can easily absorb it in your bloodstream.

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