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Taking Care of an Elderly Parent

More and more families are taking their elderly parents out of the local healthcare franchise, and taking care of them in the home. Seniors deserve to be treated with respect and many times you may lose sight of that and begin treating them like you would your own children. You have to make sure to allow the elderly to keep their dignity. Here are a few tips to help you care for an elderly parent in your home.

Early on you want to give them as many comforts as possible, including a telephone, television, and possibly their own sitting area. You want to create a little space in your home that they get be comfortable with and call their own. A chair near the window, or by a small table so they can play cards or write letters, is a perfect way to make an elderly parent feel at ease.

You must make your guests feel like they are a significant part of your family. Take the time to ask them what they want to have for lunch or for dinner. You don’t want to simply serve them anything your are eating each and every day, so let them have a little freedom choosing foods they like once in a while. If possible, take them on rides once a week, maybe even to the grocery store. A simple trip to the store that you take for granted everyday could be the highlight of a seniors day. Spend that quality time taking and asking their opinion on things related to the house. You have to understand that they are spending a significant part of their day just sitting and watching television. Taking the time to let them speak, really can do amazing things for their well being.

Take a little time out of your busy day, and spend some quality time with them. Reading a book, playing a board game, and having a conversation can really brighten up their day. If your schedule is too hectic and you simply do not have time in the day, you could get a small radio or even those audio books to occupy them for the afternoon.

Taking care of seniors at home should never be a chore. Let them know that you appreciate them and that you are so grateful to be able to help them, and you will see how much they appreciate your kind and gentle words. Make this time special for them, and allowing them to participate with the family is the best way to keep them active and energized. Let them know they are a joy to have around, and you will make the time special for everyone in the home.

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