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Slip And Fall Injuries And The Law

Of all the actions brought by an injured party against an alleged responsible party, accident claims or slip and fall claims are probably the most common. These cases can be complicated and it is highly recommended that you contract with a law firm with experience in these sorts of cases. These injury cases can be caused by car accidents, or injuries on the job and even injuries in a retail store. In Salt Lake City Utah, one of these specialists is the law firm of Siegfried and Jensen.

Accidents happen all the time and most people would be surprised at the amount of money awarded to injured parties annually by the courts in America. But what are the steps in proving liability for an accident? Whether or not you are suing an insurance company for a settlement or pursuing an individual if you are going to win your case the one thing that needs to be shown is that someone else is liable for your injuries. The important points in all cases like this are; 1) Who are the potentially liable parties; 2) Were those parties actually negligent by causing the accident or failing to prevent the accident; Did those parties contribute to the cause of the accident by acting carelessly or by not taking any preventive action.

Generally, when a case reaches the court system, the attorney representing the plaintiff will have a theory of why the defendant should be held liable for the injuries and damages suffered by the plaintiff. These theories run the whole spectrum of liability theory. They can even declare that the defendant should have recognized a dangerous situation so that a reasonable person would have recognized it, or even that a property owner actually caused the conditions leading up to the accident by his carelessness.

Here’s one of the best defenses I have ever seen. A defendant’s lawyer actually convinced a jury in a traffic accident injury trial in a Texas court, that the defendant’s grandmother was the responsible party and wholly liable for the damages. He went on to state that she was liable because she let her grandson, who hit and injured the plaintiff, drive her car knowing her grandson drank occasionally and had a record showing that. He went on to convince the jury that the grandmother should have known that her grandson was incapable of safely operating her automobile. (The grandson was a pauper but grandma was quite wealthy.) The attorney then went on to convince the jury that a consequence of the grandson’s inferior driving skills and the grandmothers lack of responsibility in acting on this information that the Grandmother was the liable party in the suit for damages. When all was said and done the jury returned a guilty verdict against the grandson and the grandmother for damages against the plaintiff in the six figure range.

All of this points to one fact, If you are involved in a slip and fall injury or an accident where you have been injured it is best to have a law firm help you with your case.

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