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Salon Training in Beauty School: Why Some Hair and Cosmetology Classes are Insufficient

The problem with too many cosmetology and barbering classes is that they are not providing any training in anything other than what people need to gain their certification. If someone is interested in just having a job, that may be sufficient. However, those who want to develop a successful career in the beauty industry need more.

Competition is plentiful in hair salons, but too much of that competition is not skilled enough to keep their clients happy. This is why salons come and go and the faces behind the chairs change too quickly. Anyone who wants to become a salon owner of their own or a valuable member to a successful team must have numerous skills.

These skills are not all about cutting, coloring and styling hair. Learning to listen and deal comfortably with clients is one of the most important skills anyone can have in the beauty industry. It is impossible to give anyone what they want when a stylist has not learned to listen to their requests.

The business side of salons may not be appealing to those who are interested in the artistry of the profession, but it still needs to be learned. Students must understand income and expenses and how to adjust pricing as needed. A salon will never be profitable if the staff are just guessing what they should charge for products and services.

For example, at the Academy of Hair Design, a training academy that can be found at, every student learns technical skills that match their chosen future professions, but they are taught them in a salon-style atmosphere. This type of education prepares students by showing them first-hand what a day in the life of a stylist will really be like. It is a chance to take away the glamor and fantasy that many have when they begin these types of programs and lets them see what their future may hold.

This type of educational approach may not appeal to everyone, but it is the best way to make certain that the students are dedicated to their success. Everyone who completes the program will have all of the skills necessary to pass their certification tests, but they will also have the skills needed to operate a business and retain clients. Encouraging new students to seek out this type of education will improve their chances of a long and successful career and it will help, over time, to improve the quality of work performance in all salons.

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