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Make Skin Glowing by The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving offers several valuable shaving tips that are essential for mastering a nice, smooth shave. These tips are extremely helpful for those amateurs trying to conquer the best shave possible.

The first tip is to prepare the skin very well. Preparing the skin before shaving is vital because it helps soften the facial hair. Hot water is helpful when softening the hair and opening the pores. One can either take a hot shower or use a hot wet towel.

Another tip is to periodically toss old blades. It is a common mistake for individuals to use an old blade when shaving and it makes it challenging to achieve a close shave. In order to take care of the razor, it should always be rinsed after shaving. The blade needs to dry in the upright position (the razor stand helps). Razor cartridges are generally effective for up to 10 shaves.

Always use after-shave products because they are very beneficial for soothing the skin and ensuring it is well-moisturized. Ingrown hairs are best prevented with after-shave products. Facial scrubs help with ingrown hairs as well.

If the skin has been sun burnt or irritated by the sun, it is best to apply no pressure when shaving and use short strokes. Also, one should try not to shave against the direction the hair grows when the skin is irritated.

Achieving a good lather helps with reducing nicks and cuts. When lathering, one should lather in fast, circular motions (ideally with a shaving brush). They offer shaving brush stands to help with drying and storing the shaving brush.

When shaving one’s head, the skin needs to be fully-stretched to reduce nicks. Also, short strokes should be used. The direction of the hair needs to be followed first, and then one can go against the direction of the hair.

Daily skin care maintenance is necessary for healthy skin. Healthy skin makes for a better shave. Skin has the potential to become dry if not well-taken care of daily and it makes it harder to obtain a smooth, clean shave with dry skin. The best time to moisturize skin is at night or in the morning after cleaning the face.

It is evident there are numerous tips available to help one achieve the best shave possible. One needs to follow the tips mentioned above in order to improve their shaving techniques and the overall look of their face. The Art of Shaving has several guidelines associated with enhancing shaving and they also have a shaving philosophy which includes four elements, prepare, lather up, shave and moisturize. If individuals follow the company’s philosophy and the tips, they are sure to have a smooth, close shave.

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