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How to Obtain a Smooth Shave

The beginning of manhood for most men is the famous first shave. That of course is the start of what will be many. Shaving is an art in which technique and form are the tools of perfection. However, perfecting the smooth shave is somewhat of a challenge that requires a bit of practice and unfortunately, a bit of error here and there. Shaving appears to be quite simple but actually it is not as easy as it appears. To obtain a smooth shave, more is required than simply placing the razor on the face and simulating long strokes. An improper shave can cause the skin to appear bumpy or rough around the edges. The use of proper shaving tools is imperative when attempting to result in a smooth shave.

The routine of shaving for most men become somewhat of a ritual. It falls into the morning flow of things to do such as brush the teeth, rinse well and brush the hair. Routines can easily form into bad habits and the act of shaving gone wrong will definitely yield bad results instead of a smooth shave. The overall goal of a smooth shave is to feel good about the appearance and to have healthy looking skin in the shaved area.

Common mistakes that often lead to unhealthy skin are failure to properly prepare for the shave. Always make sure that the proper materials and shaving tools are on hand before the shaving process begins. The blade of the razor should not be dull and should be replaced often. Foam should not be applied in a thin layer but instead use a thick layer of high quality foam for greater coverage and protection. Investing in high quality blades and shaving foam that is filled with skin rejuvenating nutrients and vitamins is an important factor in perfecting a smooth shave with healthy appearing skin. This will present the experience of a comfortable shave with superior results.

Major tips to remember when attempting to obtain a smooth shave is to apply the shaving gel to wet skin. Never towel dry the face, instead leave water on the area of the face to be shaved. Apply a thick layer of shaving gel. This greatly reduces the friction between the skin and the blade. Use a high quality gel and gently massage it into the skin before shaving. Using a larger amount of gel helps to reduce the risk of irritation to the skin. A smooth shave is greatly boosted by the penetration of water. Therefore, always clean the skin with a clean towel to remove the presence of any oils and dirt. This will allow the water to penetrate the skin properly. Shave the most stubborn areas of the skin last. This will allow extra time for the gel to penetrate the area longer and assist in removing stubbles and unwanted hair. Finally, apply a post shave gel. These gels are soothing to the skin and most do not use alcohol. They are simply designed to moisturize and soothe the shaved area. Visit The Art of Shaving For more info.

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