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How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need?

Choosing a Storage Unit in Cabot

When the storage space in a person’s home is completely full or when one has items too large to keep in the house, it becomes necessary to find an alternative place in which to store valued possessions. When one is looking for storage in Cabot they will have to take several factors into account whilst choosing the best place for their storage needs.

· What size is necessary?
· How much does it cost?
· How long can it be rented for?
· What type of security is offered?
· How well maintained is it?
· How do I know my goods will be safe?

What size is necessary?
When storing large furniture or breakable items it is usually worth investing in a sizable storage unit to avoid any damage. If only a few pieces need to be stored, many companies offer storage spaces as small 5 ft. x 5 ft. Height and method of storage should also be taken into consideration. Stacking boxes vertically is an easy and practical way of saving space.

How much does it cost?
The cost for storage in Cabot will depend on the amount of space needed for storage purposes. The normal cost structure is based on length of the rental period and the number of cubic meters required.

How long can it be rented for?
Companies will offer terms for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. It is also possible for longer terms to be negotiated. The management of the site will be happy to personally talk about requirements with anyone looking to rent. The longer the space is rented for the lower the pro rata rate will be.

What type of security is offered?
It is important that the security measures offered meet with one’s requirements. Is a security code or card necessary to enter the building? It will also be necessary to consider if video surveillance inside the unit and/or an alarm system is a must.

How well maintained is it?
A good storage facility will be free from any water leaks, bugs, or rodent infestations. The manager should be able to clearly explain their maintenance policies and pest control protocols. Will the stored goods need to be in a climate controlled atmosphere? For items of art, clothing, or paperwork, this is particularly important.

How do I know my goods will be safe?
Any reputable company that is offering storage facilities will understand that one of the most important factors is security. The facility should be surrounded be a perimeter fence. Access to the facility should be manned at all times and backed-up by video surveillance. This allows the management of the site to monitor the comings and goings of all visitors to the facility.

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