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In an article recently on CNBC by Seema Mody and Giovanny Moreano, they talk about 23 companies on the S&P 500 that have managed to stay debt free thus making them a great investment. These 23 companies include: Chipotle, Mastercard, Bed Bath & Beyond, Paychex, Visa, Akamai, Robert Half Intl, Forest Labs, Garmin, Cognizant Technology, T Rowe Price, LSI Corp, Expeditors Intl, Monster Beverage, News Corp, Fastenal, Quanta Services, Coach, Urban Outfitters, F5 Networks, Citrix Systems, Red Hat and Intuitive Surgical.

As you can see these cover a wide range of sectors in the market ranging from food, to financial services, to home products, to retail clothing. Many experts say that it is good to purchase stocks in a variety of sectors so if one portion of the economy fails, you are still fairing okay with your other investments. That being said, the following are some great stock pics from top expert investors in the field. Align Technology is a great place to begin. You may not recognize the name, but they are the maker of the popular invisalign invisable braces which I’m sure you have seen have changed orthodontics! Many people don’t like the traditional metal braces, so this invention was a great alternative and has made them $550 million dollars in revenue.

Another interesting stock you may not have considered investing in is Public Storage. It is the largest self storage company in the US with 2,200 facilities. Believe it or not they own twice as many facilities as their nearest competitor so they are bulldozing the field. CMS Energy is another great pick. A local board sets its rates, so it is able to earn a decent return on investment. It is projected that their returns will increase 4-6% over the course of the next five years so they are a good longer term investment. A last option that you might consider looking into is US Bancorp. Although not immune from the woes of the financial industry at large, this particular company is somewhat insulated by its large payment-processing business. This enables retailers to handle electronic transactions easily.

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